Food for Kids: Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon is awarding grants from a new funding stream specifically for school and community-based organizations providing meals during the pandemic-related school closures. Grants can support a wide variety of operation costs. See this link to the 2020 Emergency Support Fund application to apply.

Shelter for Medically Fragile Homeless Individuals: CHANCE, a nonprofit providing addiction recovery and mental health support, has securing funding from the Community Services Consortium to provide temporary motel sheltering for medically fragile persons experiencing homelessness. This group includes un-sheltered individuals with a chronic health condition, and anyone aged 65 or older who does not have an alternative source of shelter.

A provider or advocate must contact CHANCE on behalf of the person seeking shelter, at 541-791-3411 or CHANCE will check in with the clients to ensure they are receiving the medical care, mental health support and food they need.

At this time, only non-symptomatic people are eligible for this service. But public health staff at Benton County’s Emergency Operations Center are working to finalize sheltering options for homeless persons who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive for the virus. Funding for transportation, food, staffing, and cleaning services, as well as processes and supplies to protect the health of clients, drivers, and support staff, are all hurdles. The county is working to overcome these hurdles to be able to take care of our most vulnerable community members.